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Shifting POV Collective was started by Jeris JC Miller, a social media, augmented and virtual reality pioneer, who is a member of the Facebook / Oculus Rift Launchpad Kickoff Program, Oculus Launchpad Scholarship Winner and Mentor for the VR-360 Program Track and Aaron Moffatt, documentary film maker of Klamath-Siskiyou Film.

The Shifting POV Collective is a group of VR-360 film makers, educators, immersive artists, and content developers creating in emerging virtual reality and augmented [mixed] reality environments for entertainment, edutainment, education, business and non-profit organizations.


We are at the precipice of an extraordinary evolutionary leap as we begin creating and inhabiting virtual reality inner worlds, while simultaneously preparing to journey outwardly to Mars and to the stars. We have entered an Age of Self Discovery with Earth as the fulcrum, balancing between these inner virtual world and outer world explorations. The Himalayan Region and Mt. Everest [known as Chomolungma to the Sherpa people], are the apex of this new exploration age. From the Sherpa People's Point of View [POV], Chomolungma is a living Mother Goddess of the Universe and the highest point on planet Earth. In April 2017, a High Court in India declared two Himalayan glaciers in the region, the Gangotri and Yamunotri, as "living entities" with full rights in an effort to preserve them from destruction.

Global warming is destabilizing the Himalayas. Climate change and glacial melt poses one of the greatest threats to our US national security as flooding threatens to displace populations from two of the most heavily populated regions on the planet: India and China. The Himalayas are the origination point of 5 of the worlds great rivers: The Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra, Yangtze, Mekong & Yellow Rivers all trace their beginnings to the Himalayan Mountain Range.

We have traveled to Standing Rock North Dakota, where we filmed in virtual reality the Water Protectors in the most brutal confrontations on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Standing Rock will provide a conversation context, container and background for our virtual reality film series where we contrast how the east is approaching climate change with how we in the US are approaching this urgent national security issue. In our virtual reality film series we travel to the Himalayas, to Nepal and to Bhutan and to the headwaters of some of the worlds great rivers which are under siege from glacial melt and global warming. We will visit Bhutan, Earth's first Carbon Negative Nation, with an intact indigenous culture committed to preserving their natural habitat and environment. What wisdom can we learn from the Bhutanese and Himalayan communities that will assist us in preserving and protecting our own pristine biodiverse ecosystem regions in US including our Klamath-Siskiyou? Our intention is our films are uplifting and inspiring toward the future for a new generation as we launch toward a great Age of Self Discovery where virtual worlds bring us to alien worlds, like the endless red sands of Mars from the vast yellow prairies of North Dakota. What can we learn about ourselves from indigenous cultures? How can we inspire preservation of our last pristine biodiverse environments as we prepare to leave Earth’s embrace to develop and inhabit virtual worlds and terraform Mars? What can we learn from these mindful cultures as we launch toward another Great Age of Exploration?

Klamath Siskiyou 360

One of the last pristine forest ecosystems in the Americas, the Klamath-Siskiyou region, developed over the course of 250 million years an intricate interdependent biosystem referred to by scientists as the “North American Galapagos”. Over the past four years, filmmaker and cinematographer Aaron Moffatt has devoted himself to capturing this rare and unique jewel situated in “The State of Jefferson” straddling the Southern Oregon and Northern California borders. Joining his father Alden Moffatt, the Moffatt family has tirelessly raised awareness of the historical significance of the Klamath-Siskiyou wildlands, and most important, what this region means to our future.

Aaron Moffatt’s visually stunning, awe inspiring film, Klamath [], is a breathtaking feat of endurance shot in some of the most remote locations of the wildlands. The Moffatt family is working hard to protect the Klamath-Siskiyou region by seeking its designation as a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Shifting POV Collective is honored and proud to support the Moffatt family in this extraordinary effort to protect and preserve one of the last biodiverse wildlands in the contiguous United States.

As a foundation project for our Oculus Launchpad Program, the Shifting POV Collective is filming some of the KS region’s most extraordinary destinations in VR-360 and creating short films and immersive experiences designed for a variety of VR-360 and mobile devices.

The Klamath-Siskiyou VR Project also serves a secondary purpose by providing infrastructure and foundation for our second project Chomolungma. We will hone our craft of compelling human centered design and VR storytelling while exploring production and post-production film development pathways best suited for capturing the heartbeat and essence of Earth in remote location wildlands.

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Shifting POV Paige Dansinger and I have just launched the first VR Facebook Spaces Podcast Series created for *Social Impacts* [NPO, NGO, Philanthropic Foundations] which supports our upcoming Shifting POV VR Cinematic Film shoot in Bhutan on water and habitat protections and global warming and the themes and conversation topics raised by our Shifting POV film, awareness and calls to action. We intend to host a variety of speakers from different philanthropic organizations and foundations to speak on a variety of different topics to co-collaborate and create the Heartbeat of core Human Values as well as Respect for our Earth, her habitats, all species and living environments as we create an Empathetic Respectful culture in 21st Century AR, AI and Virtual Worlds.

It is our intention to host a VR Facebook Space and stream live from The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens [eventually, as we are in the nascent primordial beginnings of this effort] and thank you all in assisting Shifting POV explore and inspire possibilities toward realizing this effort.

#VR4Good and Social Impacts #FacebookSpaces

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